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About us

Since 2000, STUDIO BUBEChas been not only a sculpture studio but even a culture centre providing residency programs for the artists, exhibitions, workshops for children and youth and also developing lots of other activities as:

International artists' residencies currently offering residencies for 10 artists in the independent studios and in the open space of the studio throughout the year, 24 hours a day.  It is the Arts Council of the Studio Bubec that chooses the artists for the residencies; the residents are in touch with the significant czech artists, can share their experiences with one and another and at the end of the stay they have the opportunity to present the results of their work.

Plein-air Art has been an important theme for Studio Bubec since its' founding. We install the artworks for short or long-term in public space and organize the public lecture.

Art Safari is an exhibition of the artworks of the czech and foreign authors. The works of the young artists and beginners are exhibited beside the pieces of the famous artists. The event takes place twice a year in the form of an art festival in which the workshops, musical and theatre performances are also taking part.

Exhibitions realized outside the studio in cooperation with cultural or municipal institutions, for ex. the exhibitions at the Old Town City Hall in Prague (2001, 2013) etc.

BabyBubec – workshops, art courses and suburban capms – we arrange the creative workshops for children and adults straight in the Studio Bubec as in the recently reconstructed rooms at the square of Řeporyje.

Theatre Bubec, founded in 2005 and headed by Arjana Shameti and Renáta Kubšová focuses specially on the puppet theatre for the youngest audience at the hospitals or children's homes.

Revitalization projects, currently for ex. The Bubec Garden, project of the sculptural garden and creative playground with a studio intended for the work with children close to the Studio Bubec.

In 2014 we created a study of the development of the area surrounding the Studio Bubec and its revitalization in a sculptural interactive park named „BUBEC: 10 000m2 of creativity“ whose execution, divided in 4 phases, is a work in progress.



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